Organic Copaiba & Argan Conditioner

Organic Copaiba & Argan Conditioner

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Helps heal your scalp and balance your moods. Enjoy the benefits of knowing your shampoo not only cleans your hair but is great for you as well.

Use as a normal Conditioner or as a Leave-In Conditioner

Capaiba & Argan Conditioner is an excellent leave-in conditioner,soaking the hair and infusing it with deep moisture and helping the scalp really take in the nourishment. Though if you don't have time to leave it in wash and condition your hair first when you shower and then after you finish cleaning the rest of your body wash out the conditioner. You don't even need to lean over so the shampoo or conditioner don't touch your body as you are washing them out. Both will benefit your skin all over.

Argan makes hair soft and sleek and adds extra shine while the Capaiba heals the scalp and body, mind and soul.

This amazing conditioner will not make the hair greasy or stringy . See for yourself how much easier to style your hair is with no build up of greasy residue.

Capaiba & Argan oil  Conditioner is an amazingly effective, chemical-free leave-in or normal conditioner. 

Active ingredients:

Copaiba Balsam Oil: Wound and scalp healing, anti inflammatory, mood balancing, tonic, life enhancing, Pain relief, Woody scent

Argan Oil: Vitamin E,antioxidants in argan oil promote healthy hair growth, by boosting cells ,encouraging them to produce healthy hair, moisturiser for the scalp, promoting growth of healthy, strong hair.

Amber Elixir: Mood balancing, life enhancing, clearing negative thought patterns, ancient solar energy, clears and encourages positive nardi flow and qi distribution through the skull and spinal cord and body. See more here (opens in a new window)

A beautiful light yellow clear viscous liquid, and a great sudser

Purifed Aqua, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, virgin Argan oil, Gluconolactone  Natural Vitamin E