15ml Organic Bulgarian lavender

15ml Organic Bulgarian lavender

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This is what I use in my clinic and have for the last 10 years. I believe it is the best lavender oil you can get. There is no gimic or special "you can only get it here". With the oils I use. They are just what I have found over the years to be the best and most theraputic.
Why are they so well priced? I get asked this almost every day,lol. I don't have huge over heads and advertising compains to pay for so you save.
Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region but grows in England, Tasmania, France, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

It grows to about 0.9m high depending on the variety you have.

There are 4 main varieties.

L.augustafolia-true lavender, described later

l.latifolia-spike lavender, described later

l.x intermedia-lavandin, is a hardier larger plant that yields twice the amount of oil and is loved by the cosmetic industry.

l.stoechas-maratime lavender, this oil should be used with caution if not at all.

The essential oil is distilled from lavendula austifolia, l.officinalis or l.verda these are all referred to as true lavender. Lavender angustifolia or officinalis is steam distilled, the part of this lance leafed plant that is used in the flowers.

Lavender is likely the most adulterated of all essential oils. It is commonly mixed with lower grade lavenders and other synthetic and natural substances, so it is important to buy only pure oils from reputable dealers. Most often with any essential oil, if it is from your supermarket or corner store, be wary of quality, especially if you are using them in healing. At the very least make sure that the bottle you buy has the official name on it as well as the common name.


Of all aromatherapy oils lavender is the most versatile and easy to use. It is non toxic, non irritating, non sensitising. The main caution I have for it is not using too much. I had one client that knew it would send her to sleep so she put 30-40 drops on her pillow and rang me the next day because she had an awful nights sleep and a headache! Remember small amounts equate to better results. 1-2 drops would have helped her nod off to sleep in no time, 30-40 just made her sick.


Lavender is extremely effective on burns and scalds. It is antiseptic, analgesic and will ease the pain while helping to stop infection. I often mix it with honey, after rinsing the burn under cold running water for a good 10 -20 minutes, rub the blend onto the burn for the next few days. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. It helps to prevent scaring, heals it super fast and relieves pain. What more could you want.

Lavender is number one with first aid of wounds. It helps prevent infection, reduces pain, reduces scaring, aids in the patients initial shock which is very important and reduces swelling. I always have a small bottle of lavender in my bag or purse, as I have 2 small boys. It has saved the day many times.

I use it regulary on bites and stings, living in Australia it is a common occurrence and that bottle in my purse has soothed many an itch and tear and not just on my boys!

Add lavender to some olive oil and use it as a rub for aches and pains. It reduces inflammation and pain. The relaxation and relief from symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, sciatica, and Fibromyalgia is fast and effective. I usually mix it with some emergency essence to really make a difference.

All skin types find this indispensable oil of benefit. It eases the inflammation and itchiness of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and boils. Acne and sensitive skin respond very well to lavender. It helps with cell growth and health, detoxifying and soothing, as well as calming and uplifting your mood.

The nervous system is harmonised with the application of lavender. It is one of the truly remarkable aromatherapy oils that balances not simply reduces stress. This means it doesn’t leave you feeling like you are too lethargic while it greatly eases nervous and emotional tension, irritability, physical pain caused by stress and nervous spasms, and anxiety.

Another reason to always have this essential oil on hand is its ability to aid your body to fight off colds and flu, asthma and chest and throat infection.

I usually mix it with eucalyptus and put it in an oil burner, massage with it and bath in it. As soon as symptoms arise or if we have had a particularly stressful and busy week I use this blend to prevent and treat any respiratory infection. It is a beautiful blend and men women and children all seem to respond and like it.

Lavender for the reproductive system and child birth are second to none. Again it reduces tension whether it is from pms or contractions. Burn it in the room, massage it on the area, bath in it! It is not recommended for the first 3 months of pregnancy as it is an emmenagogue, which in plan english means it regulates menstrual flow.

All in all lavender austifolia/officialis is well worth the small price you pay for quality oil. It rocks and is an essential part of my household. Even Daisii my beautiful blue Staffordshire Bull Terrior limps up to me when she has been bitten by an ant or bee, rolls over and waits for me to put lavender on wherever it hurts. She will then get up, give me a couple of licks on the arm in thanks and trot off. She has done this for 12 out of her 13 years. If you have yet to try aromatherapy let this essential oil be one of if not your first choice. Please don’t confuse it’s fragrance with the cheap and nasty “lavender”. Quality lavender smells very different.