Amber Liquid Elixir Dose

Amber Liquid Elixir Dose

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This Elixir has been created on the Full Moon in Scorpio 

Recommended Dose: Take 7 drops under tongue morning and night for 2 weeks. Also very good in baths 7 drops, body creams 7 drops per 50ml. 

Grounds you into your body out of your head
Warm and receptive influence on the emotional body.
Helps to ease grief while letting the healing continue to take place at your own pace.
We are all linked, Connection and deep awareness that we are one.
Brings heat down to warmth through the opening of flow.
Helps our bodies and souls combine and integrate.
Very good for bridging the gap from illness to health.
Highly healing of wounds & energetic tears.

Acupuncture points, meridians, nardas are all aided and balanced with Amber elixir.
Respiratory system, warms the belly and organs for better digestion.

Spine movement, like consuming a warm hug. 
Very good for re establishing the stomach muscles and energetic system through the belly after birth.

Filled with the light of the sun and it's life giving, energetic codes held and integrated in the matrix of earth. Healing on deep consciousness levels.

Ancient knowledge
Growth & flowing movement especially when combined with ruby

Warmth in winter
Love warmth & vibrancy
Holds and creates a healthy body for other elixirs to work within.
Thus deepening & harnessing the effect of the other elixir. Often Amber Elixir is indicated first for 1 to 2 weeks then other Elixirs that are able to have a stronger more healing effect. This depends on the particular person, as Amber Elixir is also very good in combination with other elixirs.